Hi everyone!  I hope you are having an amazing start to the holiday season!  I've had several emails regarding the most recent pin sale, so I thought I would type out a quick post to give you an update.  When you order pins, they have to be produced before I can send them to you (as much as I would love to make them myself, it is definitely outside of my capabilities!!). Once I close a pre-sale, I place a bulk order for the pins.  They are then manufactured and sent to me -- this process takes about 14 business days (not including holidays or weekends) to take place.  At times it takes a little longer due to the intricacy and detail in my pins.  As soon as the pins arrive at my house, I sit down to ship them out.  I know everyone is anxious for pins to arrive for Xmas gifts, and I assure you -- they will be here!  We are currently around production day 10, and I have been advised that the pins are on track to arrive on time.  I anticipate them being here somewhere around December 10th.  I promise that they will be sent out the minute that I can send them!


If you ordered stickers or magnets recently (also done as a pre-sale, but they only take a couple of days to be produced and sent to me), they should be going out by the end of the week.


I hope that helps a little bit with the process -- I appreciate your patience!  I am anxious for them to arrive as well!!